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  • Fun with Azure Powershell.
    Azure CloudShellWe are able to login to Azure file share from Azure VM using the credentials but when done using DSC resource getting the above error.
    Connect to Office 365 PowerShellYou could have a Powershell script in Azure automation, that will connect to your subscription(s) and shut down or start up the servers dependent upon a parameter.
    In Assistant for IT Professionals RTW from the Microsoft Download Center.
    ESign up using Email and Password.
    With that said, recently in a PoC environment, using Azure AD Connect, the domain controller that was running the Azure AD Connect utility was never uninstalled, and the VM was shortly deleted.
    Uploading the AzureAD module to the Azure FunctionRecent updates broke my ability to connect to AzureAD, with unhelpful errors (bad username or password), and running the Exchange Ad module first has got it woking again.
    Install Azure PowerShell moduleCan ads on a page read my password?
    PWhen you're not automatically logged on, enter the credentials of a user account with administrative privileges in the Azure tenant.
    This script will evalute you current version of powershell, and deploy Windows VMs with Antimalware.
    GMicrosoft technologies, especially cloud and datacenter solutions based on Microsoft Azure, Azure Stack and Windows Server.
    A series of blog posts around Microsoft Cloud and Datacenter technologies, specifically Azure Cloud, System Center and other various Microsoft technologies.D.
    Create and configure a Function App in AzureIf the packages you are downloading are sensitive then you want to make sure you protect your storage account with a SAS key and use that in your download.
    Point to the exported pfx file and use the password you selected.
    And HOW do I apply the SAS token for the download?
    Uploading the AzureAD module to the Azure FunctionFrom the desktop, click Start, and then type Azure.
    First, you will need to install the Azure Active Directory Connection utility, the download for that can be found HERE.
    DAzure engineering team and engage with the community and customers around the world.
    EThere even use to be a separate download required simply to authenticate into Office 365 first using the original Organizational ID (Org ID) online authentication model.
    So, it is not feasible to simply use only the newer Azure AD module when it does not also include all the older functionality.
    SQL Server databases to Azure.
    We want to download these exe in an azure vm and set up the azure VM like installing SQL server etc.
    AzCopy Command-Line Tool for Azure StorageManage your Azure services and apps using scripts from the command line.
    MAzure Portal11How to persist credentials in a remote Powershell session?
    It only takes a minute to sign up.
    For many of the management tasks covered on this blog for services like Skype for Business it is still required to execute several MSOnline cmdlets, thus both the v1 and v2 would be leveraged.
    Here is what I did (same is for Azure Resource Manager VM).
    How to Install the Azure PowerShell ModuleBut when the path is browsed it downloads the file.
    Azure VM Deployment scriptAzure Media PlayerA single player for all your playback needs.
    HyperV VM with Powershell despite admin rights0New Azure VMs on virtual network have no connectivity to anything1Is it possible to migrate Azure VM image from one Subscription to another Subscription?
    Azure Database for PostgreSQLManaged PostgreSQL database service for app developers.
    Download the module to manage Exchange Online more securely.
    Select the Search charm, and enter Azure.
    Type your user principle name (UPN) and the associated password of a user account in the Azure Active Directory tenant with administrative privileges.